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Darlene Amaro Big Booty Brazilian Hardcore At Its Best

regina rizzi brazil pornJust how fucking hot is Darlene Amero is famous in xxx porn. Even if you never knew the name YOU KNOW THAT ASS. Looks like an hot european model but body like southern Black woman with donkey butt. She started as a non model in 2003, then a nude models, then just toys, the eventual lead up to what we all wanted by 2008 she started to take it up the ass. Her scenes got harder the longer she stayed in it, upping up to some raw dog anal. Can you imagine sticking your johnson up that asshole. ive seen a lot of azz in strip clubs and hardcore ethnic porn for many years but this bubble on this rio born whore may be one of the best ive seen. One of the best natural azzez i will say it that way. Its as juicy as a young Beauty Dior when I first saw her. or Vanilla Red and Luscious Louis (Pinky discovery’s) when i first saw them. I have no way of knowing if Darlen is still active or someone “adopted” her and turned her trick ass into a housewife. Dudes still trying to save these hoes. Anyway if she never does another fuck flick again we got some deep archives its an Amazing badonka dunk! Enjoy The **Darlene Amaro Archives**

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